Indiegogo Campaign for Velvet Comics’ “Melvin” Issue 2 Ends Successfully (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

“I can’t believe we just melvined Death!”

The Indiegogo campaign for Velvet Comics’ Melvin issue 2 recently ended, successfully raising more than $750 during the crowdfunding period.

Written and created by Timothy Olson and featuring illustrations by both Sid Teles and Andy A., issue 2 is a 24-page follow-up to the first Melvin book, this time promising “more action, more blood, and even more scenes of epic adventure!”

Here’s the official pitch taken from the Melvin issue 2 Indiegogo page:

The adventures of Melvin, the yellow skinned alien mercenary, continues! This time, he joins forces with Princess Alice to save a city from the clutches of a murderous cult.

In the first issue, Melvin fought hostile alien creatures and traversed dangerous terrain where he first got a taste of the evil cult of Azarka. In this action-packed 2nd issue, Melvin and Alice crash land near the city Crisea, now occupied by the Cult of Azarka.

Can Melvin and Alice liberate the city? Or Will Azarka and his band of mindless followers put an end to our hero? Back now and find out!

Bummed that you missed out on the crowdfunding campaign? Don’t beat yourself up too much. Like many other projects funded through Indiegogo, the Melvin issue 2 campaign page has transitioned to an in-demand store.

Backers can get a digital copy of Melvin issue 2 for $8, while physical copies start at $10. If you have more money to spend, you can also receive the following tchotchkes and extras:

  • Multiple copies of the book
  • A variant cover
  • Trading cards
  • A bonus ashcan-sized supplemental book
  • Copies of the first issue if you want to catch up

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $5 for those in the United States.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Melvin issue 2 Indiegogo campaign page here.

Thanks for reading!

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