Puzzle Platformer “Sekisai” Now Available on Steam PC

Feeling horny? …like a rhino, ya’ dirty bird.

On Friday, Sewohayami released its puzzle platformer Sekisai for Steam PC. Sekisai (maybe “Coughing Rhinoceros” in Japanese? I’m still learning) features 2D gameplay with retro-inspired aesthetics.

Here’s the official breakdown of Sekisai from Sewohayami, followed by a recent trailer:

What’s game Sekisai?

This is an action game where you control a rhino cub and explore an island.

The feature is that there is a puzzle element that carries, throws, connects and erases the falling blocks.

The main focus is on solving puzzles, and action elements that require reflexes are modest.

● Blocks that disappear when the same color is aligned.

Blocks have the property of disappearing when three of the same color are aligned, and a chain like a puzzle game may occur.

● Satisfactory volume.

You can play all 64 stages in various weather such as rain, snow and desert.
There is a perfect volume of about 4 hours in the first play.

● Friends giving me tips

Fellow animals will assist you in solving puzzles that are difficult to understand.

●The gimmick

Various gimmicks such as lifts, springs, and shutters that open with a switch will block your way.

Sekisai is available now on Steam PC. Gamers who pick it up over the first week (until 13 January) will receive a special 40% launch discount. If you want to give it a shot before throwing down your cold, hard cash, then there is also a free trial version available now that includes the first 8 stages of the game.

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