Endless Arcade-Style Shooter “Void Prison” Coming to Nintendo Switch

“Twisting turning through the never!”

Indie game developer SneakyBox recently announced that their twin-stick shooter Void Prison is set to release on 19 January for the Nintendo Switch.

Described as a “fast-paced, endless arcade game” where players must survive waves of enemies in “an ever-shrinking void ring.” Fortunately, you have plenty of guns and power-ups available to defend yourself. In addition to a retro-inspired pixel art visual aesthetic, Void Prison embodies the spirit of old school arcade games by being never-ending (not even a kill screen?), with your only aim to set a higher score with each play.

Here’s the official breakdown of Void Prison from SneakyBox:

Void Prison game is inspired by old-school bullet hell game formula that is easy to pick up and hard to master. The players will be able to earn multiple achievements, unlock new skins and powerups, and try to get their name on top of the worldwide leaderboards.

The game began its development during the annual Ludum Dare game jam event where Void Prison’s early version made it to the TOP10 as one of the most fun games created during the event. After a few months of polishing, the game was released on Steam, receiving plenty of positive reviews.

Key features:

  • Simple yet beautiful and impactful pixel art and effects;
  • Various achievements and global leaderboards;
  • Endless arcade gameplay featuring competitive and rewarding mechanics;
  • Balanced gameplay loop that will drive players to improve with each run;
  • Unlockable skins and powerups;
  • Multiple unique enemy types.

Void Prison is scheduled to release on 19 January on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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