Rippaverse Announces “Alphacore” Issue 1 to be Written by Chuck Dixon

On Tuesday, Rippaverse Comics announced that Alphacore issue 1 will be available to preorder in Fall 2023.

To pen this first issue of Alphacore, Rippaverse Comics has tapped the prolific and renowned comic writer Chuck Dixon, whose credits span decades in both the independent and mainstream spheres. The book’s artist has yet to be confirmed.

Originally introduced in Isom issue 1, the Alphacore team is a small band of “superhero cops”, and the story of the first issue is described as a “police procedural meets superhero epic.”

Here’s the official announcement from Rippaverse:

Earlier this year, we promised to announce three books for our following slate of releases. You already knew that ISOM #2: Ill-Advised Part 2 would be one of them, but we are now thrilled to be able to finally announce the title of and writer for the book that will follow that! Hold onto your butts because the legendary Chuck Dixon is joining the Rippaverse to pen Alphacore #1!

Anyone even moderately familiar with comics should be well-acquainted with Chuck’s work. His accolades are evidenced throughout his body of work, having written some of the most lauded runs on a number of characters at both the Big Two as well as across many of the most prominent indie publishers. Known for his iconic runs on characters such as Nightwing, Conan, Punisher, and of course, Tim Drake Robin, Dixon brings his decades of experience in the comic book industry and a proven history of quality to The Rippaverse!

Chuck Dixon had this to say about joining The Rippaverse,

“Eric July has assigned me a 90-page graphic novel called Alphacore. It stars a team of superhero cops who patrol the skies and streets of Florespark in search of super creeps, weirdos, and villains, and boy, do they find them! It’s full of action. It’s kind of a police procedural meets a superhero epic.”

The preorder campaign for Alphacore issue 1 is expected to go live in Fall 2023 via the Rippaverse website here.

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