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New political satire comic “Agent Poso” takes a stab at corrupt media through espionage adventure

Over the weekend, One America News host Jack Posobiec launched a crowdfunding campaign for Agent Poso: Task Force Aegis #1. Written by Chuck Dixon (Batman, Jungle Comics) and featuring artwork by Sergio Cariello (Captain America, Conan) and colors by Brett R. Smith (Jawbreakers, Superman), Agent Poso is a conservative-leaning political action/satire sponsored by the American Priority Conference. Here’s a plot

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Golden Age heroism returns in new anthology “Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem”

On Thursday, independent comic book creator David Furr launched a crowdfunding campaign for Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem, a 72-page, retro-inspired anthology featuring Golden Age heroes (thanks in part to public domain law). Here’s the breakdown of the project straight from the Thrilling Comics Indiegogo campaign page. The Golden Age of Comics Return to the Modern Era! Legendary comic book

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The GØD-K1NG is coming for the Jawbreakers; “Lost Souls” sequel fully funded in minutes on Indiegogo

The long-awaited follow-up to Jawbreakers – Lost Souls is now funding via Indiegogo, and it was fully funded in the first hour. Jawbreakers – GØD-K1NG is the 100-page graphic novel featuring the culmination of the events which began in the smash hit Lost Souls. Here’s how Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer breaks down the GØD-K1NG project. JAWBREAKERS: GØD-K1NG contains four

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Chuck Dixon and It’s Alive! bring “Airboy” back after a 30-year absence

Over the weekend, It’s Alive! launched a crowdfunding campaign for issue number 51 of Airboy, an aviation-themed hero whose origins date back to the Golden Age of comics. Wait? Issue 51? Yes, indeedy. Writer Chuck Dixon wrote a 50-issue run in the 1980s which updated the Airboy character for contemporary audiences. This Indiegogo campaign will fund issue number 51, which

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Richard C. Meyer’s “Devil Dog” one-shot is nearly complete

Splatto Comics founder and Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer (aka Ya’ boi, Zack) recently announced that work on the Devil Dog one-shot is close to completion, with the artwork being nearly finished and the lettering possibly completed within a week. Devil Dog is a 22-page origin story for the titular Jawbreakers team member written by Chuck Dixon, though Meyer is

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Cautionary Comics’ “Ravage” sucessfully funded on Indiegogo; Are you ready to “Kill All Men?”

Earlier this week, the crowdfunding campaign for Cautionary Comics’ Ravage – Kill All Men ended successfully after raising nearly $37 thousand, which is 247% of its original funding goal. The story of Ravage is the brainchild of writer and Cautionary Comics’ founder, Benjamin L. Henderson (The Magus, The Offworlder), who is joined by co-writer and long-time comic veteran Chuck Dixon

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