Richard C. Meyer launches “The Expendables Go to Hell” on Indiegogo; quadruple funded on day one

For months, independent comic book author and Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer has teased several “secret projects.” On Saturday, he launched a surprise crowdfunding campaign for the first of these projects via Indiegogo: The Expendables Go to Hell.

The Expendables Go to Hell is an all-new graphic novel featuring characters from Sylvester Stallone’s action film series. This project is a natural progression for Meyer, as his Jawbreakers book was always described as “The Expendables crossed with the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

The Expendables Go to Hell includes a 50-page main story plus 3 related “side quests” featuring artwork by Graham Nolan (Monster Island, Batman), Aaron Alfeche (Jawbreakers), Jason Johnson (Team 7), Kelsey Shannon (Norah’s Saga) and Butch Guice (The Futurists, Doctor Strange), while the plots are penned by a combination of Sylvester Stallone (Rambo: Last Blood, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot), Chuck Dixon (Batman), and Richard C. Meyer (Jawbreakers, Iron Sights).

Here’s the pitch taken from The Expendables Go to Hell Indiegogo campaign page:

THE EXPENDABLES are an international team of mercenaries based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

This Band Of Bad-Asses is led by founding member BARNEY ROSS, a highly-decorated veteran of the United States Military. While the membership varies wildly (once topping out at 22 members) the core group is comprised of:

  • LEE CHRISTMAS- Brit. KNIFE-FIGHTER. Second-in-command. UNLUCKY in love.
  • GUNNER JENSEN- Swede. GIANT. Genius. SELF-MEDICATES with alcohol & street pharmaceuticals.
  • YIN YANG- Chinese. RAGE-QUITS the team every year or so. Back for now (he’s BROKE).
  • TOLL ROAD- American. NEUROTIC. Small Unit Combat Operations are his version of GROUP THERAPY.

The team takes High-Risk/High-Reward missions and split the take EQUALLY. Contract work for the CIA keeps them out of JAIL for the International Laws they break as mercenaries.

Members come and go, but there’s always a need for ROUGH MEN to commit VIOLENCE so that civilized people can sleep in PEACE…and THE EXPENDABLES are just the men for the job!

50-page Main Story Accompanied by 3 Sidequests!

  • THE BRIDGE- Barney Ross is stunned to find the soul of his still-living friend Tool, trapped in Hell! Art by Jason Johnson (TEAM 7).
  • CHRISTMAS IN HELL- Lee Christmas is lured away from the team just when they need him most! Art by Kelsey Shannon (NORAH’S SAGA)
  • BARBARIAN’S HOLIDAY- Gunner Jensen makes the most of a bad situation! Art by Butch Guice (DOCTOR STRANGE).

Backers can get a physical copy of The Expendables Go to Hell and a pinup poster for $30. If you’ve got more cash to spend, there are options for multiple copies of the book, several variant covers, a head sketch, and original artwork.

At the time of this writing, the book has already quadrupled its original funding goal, having raised more than $40 thousand. You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Expendables Go to Hell Indiegogo campaign page here.


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