Update! Richard C. Meyer Relaunches Indiegogo Campaign for “Rock ‘N Roll Ninja” After Feedback

Update: After receiving a less than enthusiastic response to the launch of Rock ‘N Roll Ninja, Splatto Comics founder Richard C. Meyer has abruptly ended the campaign and relaunched it after making several changes.

First and foremost, the story will not be be broken into shorter “floppy” comics, and will instead be collected as a 100-page graphic novel for $30. That’s double the story content for only five additional bucks, and there’s also a pinup poster included now, too, so that’s definitely a welcome change for those looking for maximum value.

If you were excited to have single-issue versions of the book, there’s now a backer tier that includes only issue 1 for $30, but this book will be signed by Meyer. There’s also a signed print poster available as a separate $30 perk.

If you back the book in the first 24 hours (before 8 am EST on 6 February), you’ll also receive a free unit patch when your book arrives.

You can check out Meyer’s relaunch announcement below, or visit the newly relaunched Rock ‘N Roll Ninja Indiegogo campaign page here.

Original story follows:

Since he abandoned most social media platforms, it’s become difficult to predict when Splatto Comics founder Richard C. Meyer intends to launch crowdfunding campaigns for his comic book projects. Earlier this week, Meyer dropped another surprise project in the form Rock ‘N Roll Ninja, an ambitious black and white comic that somehow blends G.I. Joe with Jem and the Holograms. Stick with me on this…

Co-written by Meyer and Chuck Dixon (Batman) and featuring illustrations by Matt Bahr, Rock ‘N Roll Ninja boasts one of the more bizarre concepts I’ve come across in comics. Skeptical? Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Rock ‘N Roll Ninja Indiegogo campaign page:


1973– 4 young MACV-SOG soldiers finish up their Tour Of Duty in Vietnam and fly back to the USA to start their dream of becoming rock musicians.


1975– After having all of their equipment & van stolen after a concert, they accept an offer from a colonel they knew in Vietnam for a 6-week “security consultant” gig in Japan.

What could go wrong?

They train some very serious & fit Japanese men in the elite tactics & advanced weaponry that they used as MACV-SOG soldiers. As they finishing the consulting gig, they find out they won’t be going home…ever. The people who they had been training are NINJA!


1981– After years of service to the Ninja Clan, the boys finally escape and head back to NYC. They reform the band, but must turn down all record deals and promotion since they have to lie low, so that the Ninja Clan cannot track them down…and kill them OR (even worse) force them back into the nightmarish life they had already escaped from!


1983– Realizing that their big shot is passing them by, the boys create an elaborate plan to lure their Ninja Clan to New York City and pick them off one-by-one. They do this by splicing in footage of them in ninja garb using secret techniques from their ninja clan into VHS tapes of re-dubbed Ninja Movies that were filmed in The Philippines. But they’re not the only people with plans for the Ninja Clan. The Colonel wants to bring Ninja into the modern world and FRANCHISE them!

Backers can get physical copies of Rock ‘N Roll Ninja issues 1 & 2 for $25. If you’ve missed out on some of Splatto Comics’ previous projects, you can also pick up a bundle that includes The Expendables Go to Hell and a third printing of Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. (Note: additional shipping charges apply – starting at $10 if inside the U.S.)

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Rock ‘N Roll Ninja Indiegogo campaign page here.

The Splintering’s Teespring store has items starting at just $4.99! If you like what we do & want to help keep our site 100% free of paid ads, go here!


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