Splatto Comics Launches First Jawbreakers Solo Adventure with “Knife-Hand: Blindspot”

On Wednesday, independent comic book creator and Splatto Comics founder Richard C. Meyer launched a crowdfunding campaign for Knife-Hand: Blindspot, a 48+ page book set in the Jawbreakers universe.

Written by Meyer (Iron Sights, 499) and illustrated by Kenneth Loh (G.I. Joe), Blindspot is a solo adventure featuring the titular Knife-Hand as he jumps into action to rescue the rest of the Jawbreakers team.

Here’s the story synopsis taken from the Knife-Hand: Blindspot Indiegogo campaign page:

Knife-Hand is a mute ninja with the ability to generate energy blades from his hands that can cut through ANYTHING.

As a boy, he was kidnapped and held for ransom…but his wealthy father refused to pay the kidnappers, so they sold him to a ninja clan. After years of brutal training, he stole the power of the Knife-Hand and went AWOL…searching for his father to get his revenge. But the ninja clan never stopped hunting for him, so he joined the JAWBREAKERS in order to use them as a gang to protect him. His disdain for his teammates is unknown to them. But as much as he hates them…he NEEDS them. So when the rest of the team is kidnapped, it is up to Knife-Hand to rescue them!

While the 22-page Knife-Hand story is certainly the main attraction, the book will also include a girthy 26-page back-up story titled Garrison, which is co-written by Meyer and Chuck Dixon (Batman, Airboy) and features illustrations by Sergio Cariello (Deathstroke).

Garrison is briefly described as “What if G.I.JOE and COBRA teamed up to stop a terror attack by Al-Qaeda?” Is it too much to hope for Ayman Zawahiri to have to contend with a Baroness-type femme fatale?

Backers can get a copy of Knife-Hand: Blindspot for $25. If you’ve missed out on some of Splatto Comics’ previous books, there are also tiers available that include the entire Jawbreakers collection so far, as well as Rock ‘N Roll Ninja. It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $10 for those in the United States.

Many Splatto fans have expressed concern that Meyer is already behind schedule on two of his previous campaigns, but he insists that work on the Knife-Hand book will not interfere with fulfillment of his other projects. Your wallet, your choice. Capitalism, bitches!

At the time of this writing, the project has raised more than $13 thousand, which is more than halfway to its initial funding goal. If you’re interested, you can check out some sample artwork below (from both Blindspot and Garrison) or visit the full Knife-Hand: Blindspot Indiegogo campaign page here.

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