The GØD-K1NG is coming for the Jawbreakers; “Lost Souls” sequel fully funded in minutes on Indiegogo

The long-awaited follow-up to Jawbreakers – Lost Souls is now funding via Indiegogo, and it was fully funded in the first hour. Jawbreakers – GØD-K1NG is the 100-page graphic novel featuring the culmination of the events which began in the smash hit Lost Souls.

Here’s how Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer breaks down the GØD-K1NG project.

JAWBREAKERS: GØD-K1NG contains four stories:

1- “GØD-K1NG Book Three”

The culmination of the GØD-K1NG storyline that began in JAWBREAKERS- LOST SOULS, written by Richard C. Meyer, illustrated by Aaron Alfeche and colors by Color Channel.


Xaxi returns! And she’s PISSED Written by Richard C. Meyer and featuring illustrations by Charlie Snogans and colors by Michael G.


DevilDog’s origin on the battlefields of Afghanistan! Written by Chuck Dixon and featuring illustrations by Aaron Alfeche and colors by Color Channel.


In this 10-page prequel to next year’s sci-fi epic, a race of genetically-modified humans are freed from slavery by what appears to be a quirk of fate…and discover that they are now the wealthiest beings in the galaxy! Written by Chuck Dixon and featuring illustrations by Renzo Rodriguez and colors by Michael G.

Backers can get a copy of Jawbreakers – GØD-K1NG plus a pinup poster for $25. There are also backing tiers for multiple copies of the book, as well as a tier which includes the first book, Lost Souls, if you want to catch up on the story. Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver has pledged to contribute the cover art if the book reaches $100k in funding, and all backers will also get the added satisfaction of knowing that their support will make one Mark Waid pretty mad… Ya boi. (We reviewed Lost Souls which you can read here)

This new Jawbreakers book not only features A-list writing talent with the addition of Chuck Dixon to the team, but it will likely be a breakout moment for artist Aaron Alfeche, whose artwork below looks astonishing. Take a quick look, then don’t waster any time going here to back Jawbreakers – GØD-K1NG.

GØD-K1NG art by Aaron Alfeche

GØD-K1NG art by Aaron Alfeche

XAXI: RE-SPAWN art by Charlie Snogans

DevilDog: Origin art by Aaron Alfeche

DESOLATION WAVE: MASTER/$LAVE art by Renzo Rodriguez

“Good Guys Win…Bad Guys Lose.”

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