Golden Age heroism returns in new anthology “Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem”

On Thursday, independent comic book creator David Furr launched a crowdfunding campaign for Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem, a 72-page, retro-inspired anthology featuring Golden Age heroes (thanks in part to public domain law).

Here’s the breakdown of the project straight from the Thrilling Comics Indiegogo campaign page.

The Golden Age of Comics Return to the Modern Era!

Legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon (Batman, Birds of Prey, Airboy) is joined by writers Clint Stoker (Downcast) and David Furr (Exciting Comics, Crimson Scorpion) in this revival of a golden age classic. Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem features three full length stories, each one inspired by the heroes of the 1940’s, with art by Preston Avesedo (Rockabilly Road Trip, Jungle Comics) and Jospeh Olesco (Exciting Comics, Crimson Scorpion) in a 72 page graphic novel.

Black Terror

Story by David Furr and art by Preston Avesedo

Decades after his death the Black Terror is back, but now he is terrorizing the very city he once swore to protect and the only person who can stop him is… the Black Terror???  Who are these two Black Terrors, and what are they after?  The mystery begins to unfold in ‘Twice the Terror!’

Cat in Black

Story by Chuck Dixon and art by Joseph Olesco

‘Murder in Turnaround!’  Actress Linda Allen has just landed the role of a lifetime playing  the famed comic book superhero Cat in Black.  But as members of the film crew are murdered one-by-one fiction blurs into reality.  Is Linda the next target?  The only way to find out and stop the killer is for her to step into the role and become the true Cat in Black.

Silver Streak

Story by Clint Stoker and art by Preston Avesedo

‘Precious Metals’  Just weeks after Silver Streak rose from the grave with super-human abilities he’s on the trail of a criminal cult obsessed with silver. He’s hunting for answers while being haunted by his old life. Even if his new-found speed and strength don’t fail him, his fragile psyche is about to meet it’s match in a new enemy.

Backers can get a copy of Thrilling Comics for $20, while those with more cash can pick up some extra swag, including additional copies of the book, a variant cover, poster prints, and original artwork.

Do you have nostalgia (or more likely an antiquarian longing) for Golden Age comics? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem Indiegogo campaign page here.

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