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“SNK 40th Anniversary Collection” coming to PS4 in March; full game list

While SNK’s actual 40th anniversary was in 2018, NIS America is set to release a PS4 version of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on 19 March. Available on Nintendo Switch since last fall, now PlayStation owners will get a chance to enjoy the girthy retro gaming collection. To mark the occasion, NIS and SNK released a retro-themed trailer, which you

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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection coming to Nintendo Switch in November

NIS America has announced that the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will be available November 13th in North America and November 16th in Europe. This collection includes over a dozen old-school SNK arcade games, and by “old-school,” I mean pre-Fatal Fury fighting game era SNK, though publisher NIS has teased that more games will be revealed at a later date. This collection

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