SNK 40th Anniversary Collection coming to Nintendo Switch in November

NIS America has announced that the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will be available November 13th in North America and November 16th in Europe.

This collection includes over a dozen old-school SNK arcade games, and by “old-school,” I mean pre-Fatal Fury fighting game era SNK, though publisher NIS has teased that more games will be revealed at a later date.

This collection includes several features beyond just the collection of titles themselves, including the ability to rewind, save states, updated control schemes, and an SNK “Museum Mode” which explores SNK’s legacy with high definition artwork and original promotional materials.

Perhaps the best feature of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, however, is the inclusion of both the arcade original and home ports of several games. So if the arcade version of Ikari Warriors doesn’t pull at your nostalgic heartstrings, then maybe you’re more nostalgic for the game-breaking glitches of the NES port. (Was it just my copy?)

Games Revealed so far include:

• Alpha Mission (arcade & home version)

• Athena (arcade & home version)

• Crystalis

• Ikari Warriors (arcade & home version)

• Ikari III: The Rescue (arcade & home version)

• Guerrilla War (arcade & home version)

• P.O.W. (arcade & home version)

• Prehistoric Isle in 1930

• Psycho Soldier

• Street Smart

• TNK III (arcade & home version)

• Vanguard

• Victory Road (arcade & home version)

Finally, for the SNK superfans out there, a limited edition of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is available over on the NIS Online Store for $64.99, which includes the game, the “Nostalgic Music Collection” soundtrack, a hardcover art book, and a collector’s box.

SNK 40th anniversary collection limited edition merchandise 2

Source: Niche Gamer

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