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Brian Pulido’s “Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony” Kickstarter ends as most successful in Coffin Comics history

On Friday, the Kickstarter campaign for Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony ended as another huge success for Coffin Comics. The campaign became an instant smash in August when it raised over $160 thousand on the first day alone. Raising over $295 thousand from 2,363 backers, Nightmare Symphony surpassed Lady Death: Apocalyptic Abyss as Coffin Comics’ most successful crowdfunded graphic novel. This

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“Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony” is killing it on Kickstarter; over $160k on day one

On Wednesday, Coffin Comics’ Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony launched on Kickstarter and has quickly raised over $160 thousand, demolishing its original funding goal of just $15 thousand. This type of success has become a regular occurrence for Coffin Comics and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido. Since moving to a crowdfunding model, Coffin Comics has nurtured a dedicated audience and is

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