“Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony” is killing it on Kickstarter; over $160k on day one

On Wednesday, Coffin Comics’ Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony launched on Kickstarter and has quickly raised over $160 thousand, demolishing its original funding goal of just $15 thousand.

This type of success has become a regular occurrence for Coffin Comics and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido. Since moving to a crowdfunding model, Coffin Comics has nurtured a dedicated audience and is now regularly shattering their funding goals on both their Lady Death and La Muerta series of books.

The dark and mature themes of the Lady Death series make it a perfect fit for a crowdfunding model, where the creators and audience are better insulated from the outrage of the perpetually offended.

A digital version of Nightmare Symphony will only cost you $5, but for those looking to get a physical copy, there are tons of options, including bundles with previous Coffin Comics books.

As is typical of Coffin Comics’ crowdfunding campaigns, there is quite a girthy set of bonuses available as both add-on purchases and stretch goals for those who purchase physical copies. These include t-shirts, magnets, trading cards, stickers, even guitar picks.

Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony is a 48-page graphic novel written by Brian Pulido and Mike Maclean, featuring illustrations by Anthony Spay and colors by Cici de la Cruz.

You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony Kickstarter page here.

Lady Death Sample Art

Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony Comic Book page sampleLady Death: Nightmare Symphony Comic Page Sample No. 2

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