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Intellivision Announces New Amico Release Date, Unveils “Breakout” Revival Trailer

Earlier this week, Intellivision announced that their multiplayer-focused Amico console is now planned to release in Autumn 2021. Originally scheduled to launch in October 2020, the delays are mostly credited to logistical difficulties resulting from the global Commie Cough Bat Soup Sniffles COVID-19 pandemic. To cushion the blow of the delay, Intellivision also released a new video preview of Breakout,

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Intellivision debuts new “Breakout” and “Moon Patrol” revivals for their Amico console

Intellivision has made several announcements over the last few days regarding their upcoming console, the Amico. More specifically, they have debuted new Breakout and Moon Patrol titles, both of which will be available at launch. Featuring trippy visuals and dynamic music which is driven by the gameplay, this new take on Breakout looks to be inspired at least partly by

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