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City Connection revives unfinished 90s fighter “The Fallen Angels” for arcade, consoles

Abandoned in 1998, 2-D fighting game The Fallen Angels will finally see the light of day both on consoles and in arcades. At the 10th anniversary event for the Takadanobaba Mikado Arcade on Sunday, City Connection announced that they intend to partner with exA-Arcadia to finish the incomplete 2-D fighting game The Fallen Angels (known as Daraku Tenshi in Japan),

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Is Bandai Namco’s mysterious “Rad” actually a revival of 90’s NES platformer “Totally Rad”?

Bandai Namco recently trademarked several logos in the United States prominently featuring the word “rad”. Check them out for yourself below. As Gematsu points out, the logos feature fallout shelter and mushroom cloud imagery, suggesting that Rad may refer to “radiation.” Pfffft! Thanks for the expert analysis guys, but if you’ll allow us to speculate wildly for just a sec,

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