City Connection revives unfinished 90s fighter “The Fallen Angels” for arcade, consoles

Abandoned in 1998, 2-D fighting game The Fallen Angels will finally see the light of day both on consoles and in arcades.

At the 10th anniversary event for the Takadanobaba Mikado Arcade on Sunday, City Connection announced that they intend to partner with exA-Arcadia to finish the incomplete 2-D fighting game The Fallen Angels (known as Daraku Tenshi in Japan), which was originally developed in the mid-90s by indie studio Psikyo.

The arcade release will release first and be spearheaded by exA-Arcadia, while the console versions will release on a later date.

According to Brandon Orselli at Niche Gamer, the details behind The Fallen Angels‘ original development are sketchy. The game’s original developers at Psikyo included some previous SNK staff, and an incomplete version of The Fallen Angels was tested in a select few arcades. After failing to launch, some of the staff reportedly went back to SNK where they would later incorporate character designs in later SNK fighters resembling those from The Fallen Angels.

Are you pumped to finally get a chance to play a complete version of The Fallen Angels? The more important question is why hasn’t Capcom jumped at the opportunity to publish The Fallen Angels before now? They specialize in releasing unfinished fighting games! *Ba-dum-tish!*

Source: Niche Gamer

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