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The Splintering Founder Plays “Get in the Gulag” Hosted by CФMMIЭ МДЯK

On Thursday, The Splintering founder and editor-in-chief Blake Worrell competed in a no-holds-barred competition known as Get in the Gulag, hosted by Adventures of Kim Il Sung creator and the UK’s most famous “Gay Space Communist”, CФMMIЭ МДЯK (Commi3 Mark). Joining in the competition were KOZOR co-creator Clayton Barton (representing Australia) and Cash Grab artist Donal DeLay (helping Blake to

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The Barton Brothers’ Horror Comic “KOZOR: Descent into Madness” Coming Soon to Indiegogo

KOZOR: Descent into Madness is a crowdfunding campaign that is scheduled to go live later this summer.  The brainchild of Korey Barton, KOZOR is a comic book that’s been completed for over a year but has not yet seen the light of day.  Now, with the surge in crowdfunding campaigns, Korey, along with his brother Clayton Barton has decided that

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