The Barton Brothers’ Horror Comic “KOZOR: Descent into Madness” Coming Soon to Indiegogo

KOZOR: Descent into Madness is a crowdfunding campaign that is scheduled to go live later this summer.  The brainchild of Korey Barton, KOZOR is a comic book that’s been completed for over a year but has not yet seen the light of day.  Now, with the surge in crowdfunding campaigns, Korey, along with his brother Clayton Barton has decided that the time is right to launch a campaign to fund the book. 

Although the main character will be Chief Baron, the book promotes itself as a fully immersive world (à la Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones).  You’ll be introduced to several other characters along the way, all of whom will play a part in the story. 


Korey Barton wrote and illustrated the original version of the KOZOR.  He cites both horror movies and manga (specifically Berserk) as some of his inspirations to create the project. Clayton Barton is editing the book, remastering the artwork and colors, and reworking some of the dialogue to create a definitive version.  Clayton will also be supplying the wrap-around cover for the book, as well. 

KOZOR: Descent into Madness is currently up as a pre-launch on Indiegogo and is scheduled to go live on July 21, 2020. In the meantime, you can check out some sample artwork below or sign up for updates on the KOZOR pre-launch page here.

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