The Splintering Founder Plays “Get in the Gulag” Hosted by CФMMIЭ МДЯK

On Thursday, The Splintering founder and editor-in-chief Blake Worrell competed in a no-holds-barred competition known as Get in the Gulag, hosted by Adventures of Kim Il Sung creator and the UK’s most famous “Gay Space Communist”, CФMMIЭ МДЯK (Commi3 Mark).

Joining in the competition were KOZOR co-creator Clayton Barton (representing Australia) and Cash Grab artist Donal DeLay (helping Blake to represent the USA). Truly, the sun never sets on a Commi3 Mark livestream.

The game is simple: across three categories, each contestant argues for something that they hate to be sent off for torture re-education in “The Gulag”, never to be heard from again. Commi3 Mark himself plays the role of judge, jury and executioner re-educator.

The three categories of the day were:

  • Comic book character
  • Comic book trope/cliché
  • Free category (which all turned out being “geeky toys”)

Which of these wound up being sent off to eternal Siberian servitude? You can watch the full Get in the Gulag livestream below and find out for yourself!


Thanks to Commi3 Mark for being a good comrade and graciously sharing his YouTube sandbox with us. (*Cue canned applause for Commi3 Mark)

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