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Review: Rob Arnold’s “Replicator” Issue 3 Drops from Down Under

With shipping delays from Down Under, the third installment of Rob Arnold’s action-packed Replicator series has finally landed in US backers’ hands. I received my perks weeks ago, packaged in the Aussie version of a Gemini mailer and sealed with Arnold’s trademark, black wax embossed logo with a metallic skull. Being new to the series, I backed the featured catch-up

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The Barton Brothers’ Horror Comic “KOZOR: Descent into Madness” Coming Soon to Indiegogo

KOZOR: Descent into Madness is a crowdfunding campaign that is scheduled to go live later this summer.  The brainchild of Korey Barton, KOZOR is a comic book that’s been completed for over a year but has not yet seen the light of day.  Now, with the surge in crowdfunding campaigns, Korey, along with his brother Clayton Barton has decided that

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