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Cody Fernandez Pulls Off Another Last-Minute Miracle with “Jack Irons” Issue 4

On Tuesday, the crowdfunding campaign for the fourth issue of Jack Irons: Steel Cowboy narrowly crossed the finish line, overtaking the $13,500 funding threshold with just hours to spare. Yeehaw! (Kill me) This follows the success of Jack Irons issue 3, which also came down to the wire in 2020. Created by Cody Fernandez, Jack Irons is a sci-fi/western book

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“Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy” Returns to Indiegogo for Issue 4

Late last week, independent comic book creator Cody Fernandez launched a crowdfunding campaign for Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy issue 4, the latest adventure in the Jack Irons saga. Written by Fernandez and featuring illustrations by Maxi Dall’o and colors by Steven Canon, Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy is a sci-fi/western genre mishmash intended for mature audiences. Here’s the official

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The Indiegogo campaign for issue 2 of “Jack Irons: the Steel Cowboy” is a 268% success

The crowdfunding campaign for Jack Irons: the Steel Cowboy issue 2 ended on Friday, hitting 268% of its funding goal for a total of close to $7 thousand. Jack Irons is an 8-issue comic series written by Cody Fernandez, illustrations by Maximilliano D’allo and colors by Matias Laborde. Issue 2 is expected to be 32 pages with an additional 16

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