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Compass Comics’ “Giant-Size Two-Fisted Manly Tales” Hits Hard on Indiegogo

Double-fisting, incoming! On Monday, celebrated comic book creator and Compass Comics founder Graham Nolan launched a crowdfunding campaign for Giant-Size Two-Fisted Manly Tales, a 100+ page anthology book featuring the work of over a dozen veteran comic book creators, including those listed below: Writers: Chuck Dixon, Mike Baron, Beau Smith & Tim Rozon, Kevin Greviouix, and Graham Nolan Artists: Michael

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Graham Nolan’s Horror/Western Comic “Alien Alamo” Crosses the Six Figures Threshold

Ya’ love to see it! On Monday, the crowdfunding campaign for Graham Nolan’s sci-fi/western Alien Alamo crossed the blessed “Six Figures, Bitch Young Lady!” threshold, raising nearly $101 thousand at the time of this writing. Written and illustrated by Nolan, Alien Alamo is a sci-fi adventure that exists in the larger Chenoo universe. Nolan has seen previous crowdfunding success with

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