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Japanese Horror RPG “The Witch’s House MV” Coming to Consoles on 13 October

DANGEN Entertainment recently announced that The Witch’s House MV is set to release on 13 October for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbone. Originally developed with RPG Maker and released on PC in 2012, the developer Fummy has remastered The Witch’s House MV has been remastered with updated visuals, an enhanced atmosphere, and a new difficulty mode that includes new postgame scenarios – leading to

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Noir-Inspired Psychological Thriller “Loretta” Coming to PC, Consoles

On Tuesday, DANGEN Entertainment announced that their upcoming psychological thriller game Loretta is coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbone, as well as Steam PC. Inspired by film noir and featuring a minimalist, pixelated art style, Loretta puts players in the shoes of a 1940s woman who is driven to violence by betrayal and the unfaithfulness of her husband (stay

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