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Crowdfunding Review: “Ed Gein: Demon Hunter” Issue 1 (Reload Comics)

Indie comics is a place where people can create books based on many different subjects, far beyond the common fare of superheroes and vigilantes. Lucifer Storm is one such writer that has some interesting ideas, as evidenced by his first campaign, Lady Satan: An Angel in a Killer Dress, where the main character is a stripper who turns vigilante to

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The Damned Return to Save Creation in “Ed Gein: Demon Hunter” (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Independent author and graphic novelist Lucifer Storm recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for Ed Gein: Demon Hunter, a genre-bending supernatural adventure that blends elements of horror, fantasy, and comedy. Yes, comedy. And yes, that Ed Gein. The 1950s serial killer. Only in comics, folks! Written and created by Storm and featuring black and white illustrations by Kristian Rossi (Trespasser), Ed

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“Victor Locke: Demon Noir” now on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, a crowdfunding campaign for Victor Locke: Demon Noir went live on Indiegogo. Written and illustrated by Nathyn Masters, Demon Noir is a 32-page supernatural horror/thriller akin to Constantine and Blade. Here’s a plot summary taken from the Indiegogo page. “During the reign of David, witchcraft and demonology were outlawed in the land of Israel. While vampire hunters

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