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Dr. Alpha/Doc Salem/Six-Gun Gorilla crossover comic incoming!

On a recent livestream hosted on the Graded Point Five YouTube channel, Six-Gun Gorilla creator Brian Christgau announced that he has been working behind the scenes on an upcoming indie comic crossover featuring A. S. Rivera’s Dr. Alpha, Preston Asevedo’s Doc Salem, and Christgau’s own Six-Gun Gorilla. Sound wild? I agree. Unfortunately, Christgau didn’t offer much else in terms of details.

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The villainy of “Dr. Alpha: Miracle Child” is unleashed on Indiegogo

Aspiring comic book writer A. S. Rivera (AKA Literature Devil) has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Dr. Alpha: Miracle Child (Doc Alpha?), an 80-100 page graphic novel featuring artwork by J. Paul Schiek. Described as a story which is absolutely not intended for younger audiences, Mr. Devil also clearly notes that the Miracle Child story is completely self-contained (a detail

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