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The Sci-Fi Shenanigans of “Rift Riders” Now on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Luke Stone* launched a crowdfunding campaign for Rift Riders issue 1, an all-new, 32-page sci-fi adventure. Co-created by Luke Stone and Piper Steed, written by Steed and featuring illustrations by John Dillard (The Buckler) and colors by Edgar Tavitas, Rift Riders is a spinoff of Stone’s Hybrid series. Here’s the official pitch taken

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Dark Fantasy Comic “Deepstalker Crow” Takes Flight on Indiegogo

On Tuesday, independent comic book creator and Dark Sand Oasis Productions founder Antonio Cooper launched a crowdfunding campaign for Deepstalker Crow, a 22-page “dark fantasy” comic intended as the first book of a series. Written by Cooper and featuring artwork by J. Travis Smith and Edgar Tavitas, Deepstalker Crow follows the haunting adventures of a young heroine who confronts dark

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