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The “Battle Brick Road” is paved with cash! Eric Weathers’ Oz-inspired comic is raking in big Indiegogo bucks

On Friday, independent comic book creator (and quite possibly the most prolific letterer in indie comics) Eric Weathers launched a crowdfunding campaign for Battle Brick Road: Operation Zephyr. At the time of this writing, the project has already raised more than $13 thousand, smashing its initial funding goal (which it surpassed in the opening minutes of the campaign). Written by

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“Peregrine: Wings of the Falcon” takes flight on Indiegogo

Late this week, a crowdfunding campaign for Graded Point Five‘s superhero comic Peregrine: Wings Of The Falcon launched on Indiegogo. Written by Scott McCullough and featuring illustrations by Douglas Franchan, colors by Farah Nurmaliza and lettering by Eric Weathers, Peregrine is a 48-page graphic novel full of “color action, emotion, and much more.” At the time of this writing, the project

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