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DC Comics bends the knee to China, censors “The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child” promo art

Late last week, DC Comics deleted promotional images from its social media pages after Chinese backlash. The image in question is artwork by Rafael Grampá for Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, which is scheduled for release on 11 December. The image (which you can see below) displays a young hero of the “bat”

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Comic book legend Frank Miller sues ex-wife Lynn Varley for stealing, selling his artwork

According to a new court filing, Legendary comic book creator Frank Miller (Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns) has alleged that his ex-wife and former collaborator Lynn Varley has stolen and sold some of his artwork. The documents suggest that Varley acquired some of Miller’s work as part of their divorce settlement, but Miller insists that Varley is secretly selling

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