Comic book legend Frank Miller sues ex-wife Lynn Varley for stealing, selling his artwork

According to a new court filing, Legendary comic book creator Frank Miller (Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns) has alleged that his ex-wife and former collaborator Lynn Varley has stolen and sold some of his artwork.

The documents suggest that Varley acquired some of Miller’s work as part of their divorce settlement, but Miller insists that Varley is secretly selling other artwork which is not rightfully hers, including design sketches used as references for his comics and graphic novels. Miller claims Varley has already sold some of these sketches through her art dealer, who in turn is selling them to collectors. Specifically, Miller is claiming that one of Varley’s representatives kept a binder of Miller’s sketches under a table at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and that the representative would display the binder when potential buyers would inquire about the artwork.

Miller is demanding that Varley turn over all sketches in her possession so that a full accounting of what she has and to assess the value what she has already sold.

Before their split in 2005, Miller and Varley collaborated on numerous projects, with Varley providing the color work for books such as The Dark Knight Returns, Elektra Lives Again, and 300, which earned her many of her own awards and accolades.

It’s sad when mommy & daddy fight. Here’s hoping that these two celebrated creators work things out soon. After all, Miller needs to get to work on that Holy Terror sequel, right Frank?

Source: TMZ

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