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Review: Rob Arnold’s “Replicator” Issue 3 Drops from Down Under

With shipping delays from Down Under, the third installment of Rob Arnold’s action-packed Replicator series has finally landed in US backers’ hands. I received my perks weeks ago, packaged in the Aussie version of a Gemini mailer and sealed with Arnold’s trademark, black wax embossed logo with a metallic skull. Being new to the series, I backed the featured catch-up

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David Philpott’s Sexy Fantasy Comic “DragonRage” Now on Indiegogo

Not to be confused with an overhyped video game series by Electronic Arts. Earlier this week, independent comic book creator David Philpott launched a crowdfunding campaign for DragonRage: A Cradle of Embers, an 32-page graphic novel that promises hyper-detailed artwork reminiscent of the glorious 90s era of comics. Written by Philpott and featuring illustrations by Jimmy Reyes and colors by

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