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Cautionary Comics’ “Offworlder” features time-traveling in a kilt

Late last week, Cautionary Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for Offworlder – The Protectors of Sa’Ra. Written by Mike Baron and featuring artwork by Jordi Armengol, Offworlder is a 48-page, sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel about an out-of-time Scottish warrior who is thrown into an intergalactic battle…. uh, sounds pretty much like John Carter of Mars in a kilt. Here’s a better

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“Offworlder” coming to Indiegogo 29 March

According to independent comics publisher Cautionary Comics, the crowdfunding campaign for Offworlder is scheduled to launch Friday, 29 March. Offworlder is described as a cosmic fantasy graphic novel about an out-of-time barbarian a written by Mike Baron and Ben Henderson and featuring artwork by Jordi Armengol. Here’s a plot synopsis from Cautionary Comics founder Ben Henderson: “Seventh century Scotland. Henry

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More “Offworlder” details emerge including an image of the book’s villain, The Wraith!

The Offworlder crowdfunding campaign doesn’t launch until 1 March, but Cautionary Comics founder and Offworlder creator Benjamin Henderson is already whetting our pallets by leaking some juicy details of the upcoming graphic novel, including the first look at one of the book’s villains, the Wraith (below). We covered the initial Offworlder reveal last year, but if you’re late to the

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