Cautionary Comics’ “Offworlder” features time-traveling in a kilt

Late last week, Cautionary Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for Offworlder – The Protectors of Sa’Ra. Written by Mike Baron and featuring artwork by Jordi Armengol, Offworlder is a 48-page, sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel about an out-of-time Scottish warrior who is thrown into an intergalactic battle…. uh, sounds pretty much like John Carter of Mars in a kilt.

Here’s a better plot summary taken from the Offworlder Indiegogo page.

Seventh century Scotland. Henry Gunn leads his clan in a ferocious battle with Viking invaders, But with victory in sight, he is ripped from space and time by an alien race. The Anunnaki seek a champion to stop another alien race from conquering all known space.

Aided by the Egyptian goddess Sa’Ra, Gunn undergoes a hideous transformation, becoming something other than human, able to move through time and space at will, yet unable to save his wife and child. The fate of civilization rests on the shoulders of a troubled demi-god.

Backers can get a copy of Offworlder for $10 if you select the digital or newsprint paper options, while copies printed on higher-quality paper are $25. If you’ve got more cash to spend, there is some extra swag to pick up, including collectible coins, a metal variant cover, and an exclusive reprint of Ravage #1.

The most interesting add-on option, however, is a separate book titled Blood in the Jungle, a 24-page crossover story featuring the characters from Ravage and Blacklist Universe’s Lonestar.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Offworlder – The Protectors of Sa’Ra Indiegogo page here.

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