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More “Offworlder” details emerge including an image of the book’s villain, The Wraith!

The Offworlder crowdfunding campaign doesn’t launch until 1 March, but Cautionary Comics founder and Offworlder creator Benjamin Henderson is already whetting our pallets by leaking some juicy details of the upcoming graphic novel, including the first look at one of the book’s villains, the Wraith (below). We covered the initial Offworlder reveal last year, but if you’re late to the

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Cautionary Comics to publish Per Berg’s “Earthbound”

Per Berg’s upcoming graphic novel Earthbound: Between Two Breaths on Earth will be published by Cautionary Comics. Earthbound (not to be confused with the Nintendo RPG of a similar name) is a science fiction book influenced by manga and Japanese films. The first Earthbound book was successfully funded via Indiegogo in 2018, when it raised over $10 thousand. Cautionary Comics

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Cautionary Comics’ “Ravage” sucessfully funded on Indiegogo; Are you ready to “Kill All Men?”

Earlier this week, the crowdfunding campaign for Cautionary Comics’ Ravage – Kill All Men ended successfully after raising nearly $37 thousand, which is 247% of its original funding goal. The story of Ravage is the brainchild of writer and Cautionary Comics’ founder, Benjamin L. Henderson (The Magus, The Offworlder), who is joined by co-writer and long-time comic veteran Chuck Dixon

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