Cautionary Comics teases “The Wraith” (updated)

Over the weekend, Cautionary Comics founder Ben Henderson teased The Wraith, an upcoming book featuring the villain from Cautionary’s Offworlder series.

Here’s how Henderson pitches the project.


What would you do to save your Family? Seminol Police Officer Patwin Gunn sets out on a seemingly hopeless quest to find the Supernatural Aztec Diety IMAGOG in order to save his Wife and Child no matter the cost. Gunn will become Imagog’s Angel of Death!

The Wraith will be co-written by Henderson and Mike Baron and featuring art by Stephen Strange and colors by Bryan Magnaye. Like other Cautionary books, The Wraith will likely be crowdfunded via Indiegogo before it’s widely available at comic shops. In the meantime, take a look at The Wraith teaser image below, or click here to read more about The Offworlder.

Note: post updated on 25 February to include the full wraparound cover image.

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