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Cautionary Comics teases “The Wraith” (updated)

Over the weekend, Cautionary Comics founder Ben Henderson teased The Wraith, an upcoming book featuring the villain from Cautionary’s Offworlder series. Here’s how Henderson pitches the project. THE WRAITH What would you do to save your Family? Seminol Police Officer Patwin Gunn sets out on a seemingly hopeless quest to find the Supernatural Aztec Diety IMAGOG in order to save

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More “Offworlder” details emerge including an image of the book’s villain, The Wraith!

The Offworlder crowdfunding campaign doesn’t launch until 1 March, but Cautionary Comics founder and Offworlder creator Benjamin Henderson is already whetting our pallets by leaking some juicy details of the upcoming graphic novel, including the first look at one of the book’s villains, the Wraith (below). We covered the initial Offworlder reveal last year, but if you’re late to the

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