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SEGA abruptly removes “Judgment” from Japanese shelves, digital marketplaces

SEGA has removed Judge Eyes from all storefronts, both physical and the online PlayStation Store, following voice actor Pierre Taki’s arrest on cocaine charges. Japanese culture is much less tolerant of drug use than even western cultures are, and it is not unusual for entertainment products to be pulled following similar allegations. It’s not known how this will affect western

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SEGA’s “Judgment” releases in June, new gameplay trailer released

Sega announced the western release date for Judgment… it’s June 25. Boom! No need to read the rest, right? Narp! SEGA has also revealed a new trailer for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Judgment, highlighting several gameplay features for the game (below). Give it a look to see these gameplay mechanics in action, such as gathering evidence, going undercover, pinball, Space Harrier, minigames,

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