SEGA abruptly removes “Judgment” from Japanese shelves, digital marketplaces

SEGA has removed Judge Eyes from all storefronts, both physical and the online PlayStation Store, following voice actor Pierre Taki’s arrest on cocaine charges. Japanese culture is much less tolerant of drug use than even western cultures are, and it is not unusual for entertainment products to be pulled following similar allegations.

It’s not known how this will affect western release of Judge Eyes (known as Judgment outside of Japan), or when SEGA will reintroduce the the game to the Japanese market. It’s quite likely that SEGA simply will re-record Taki’s dialogue with a different voice actor and republish the game at that time. Judgment is currently scheduled to release for PS4 in western markets on 25 June.

The excellent YouTube channel Censored Gaming breaks down the issue of Judgment and Japan’s cultural attitudes towards drug use in their video below.

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