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New DLC “Band of Bastards” DLC now available for “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”

They’re bastards. A whole band of them. And they’re now available as DLC in the medieval action/RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In Band of Bastards, you’ve been tasked to escort Baron Kuno of Rychwald and his band of mercenaries while they patrol the roads of Rattay. Here are the official details on what’s included in the new content:   The roads

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Story DLC coming to Kingdom Come: Deliverance in July

Publisher Deep Silver and Warhorse Studios revealed Tuesday a first glimpse of new story DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, set to release in July. Titled From The Ashes, the main thrust of the DLC features a town-building expansion in which players create a new settlement from the ground up and adjudicate disputes between settlers. Also on Tuesday, Warhorse Studios released

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