Story DLC coming to Kingdom Come: Deliverance in July

Publisher Deep Silver and Warhorse Studios revealed Tuesday a first glimpse of new story DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, set to release in July.

Titled From The Ashes, the main thrust of the DLC features a town-building expansion in which players create a new settlement from the ground up and adjudicate disputes between settlers.

Also on Tuesday, Warhorse Studios released a new free update for the Kingdom Come: Deliverance base game which includes a new hardcore mode.

In hardcore mode, there is no visible health or stamina bar, no autosaving, and more realistic combat and world navigation. For example, players will have to follow the sun and carefully study maps to successfully navigate through Bohemia. It’s pretty safe to say that Polygon will not be reviewing this mode.

Hardcore mode also introduces new, challenging “perks” like Brittle Bones, Nightmares or Claustrophobia, and players who complete the game with all perks will unlock new achievements/trophies.

The From the Ashes expansion will be available in July. The hardcore mode update for the base game is available now.

Sources: MMORPG, Niche Gamer

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