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Crowdfunding Review: “Maverix: Decimation” (NTM Comics)

I am making my debut venture into comic book reviews with Maverix: Decimation. I am new to crowdfunding comics and comics in general, but have enthusiastically jumped in and backed 30 campaigns to date. Maverix: Decimation is the first comic book that I have received from any of the campaigns that I have backed in the last 6 months. Coincidentally, this

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NTM Comics’ “Maverix Decimation” now on Indiegogo

Over the holiday weekend, first-time comic book creator Noah T. Mactutus launched a crowdfunding campaign for Maverix Decimation, a 76-page, graphic novel featuring an entirely standalone story. Co-written by Noah T. Mactutus and Luke Iannone and featuring illustrations by Mactutus, Maverix Decimation described as a “heartfelt, heart racing story chock full of everything you could ever want in a comic:

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