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Review: “Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection” (Nintendo Switch, PS4)

Today we’re all celebrating the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection,* a new retro compilation of all of SEGA’s Wonder Boy and Monster World games from the 80s and 90s released to mark the 35th anniversary of the series. Weird number, but who’s complaining? If you’re thinking that this review seems awfully familiar, there’s a very good reason, as ININ Games published a Wonder Boy Collection less than a

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SEGA reveals the final 12 games included with the Genesis Mini

Before we start, who called Alisia Dragoon being added to the SEGA Genesis Mini? This guy! … Well, we didn’t so much “call it” as we put it on our wishlist. Either way, it’s still great that Alisia Dragoon is even a small part of the current gaming conversation, because it’s excellent. All that gloating aside, SEGA has announced the

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