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“My Friend Pedro” sells 250k copies in its first week; DeadToast celebrates with a “behind-the-schemes” video

My Friend Pedro was a favorite of ours since it was revealed at E3 2018. Now that the game is available, it seems as though many others have been similarly drawn to DeadToast Entertainment’s bizarre, hyper-violent action title. Publisher Devolver Digital announced yesterday that My Friend Pedro has sold over 250 thousand copies in its first week. To celebrate, Devolver

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E3 Recap: 5 brand new IPs we’re looking forward to playing (besides Cyberpunk 2077)

Like every E3, we were wowed and bombarded by a steady stream of refreshes and updates to gaming properties we all know and love. But while these forays into the familiar may get most of the press, developers at E3 2018 still had several interesting new IPs to show off. Below, we’ve featured five of our favorite new IPs from

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E3 Wrap-Up: Devolver Digital’s press conference is a breath of fresh air

The first rule of marketing is focus on your audience. Know your buyer, and direct your marketing towards those you expect will buy your product. Simple, right? So why did only one presentation at E3 2018 seem to take this creed to heart? Nearly every presentation and press conference at E3 2018 was bogged down by focus tested language and

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