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Square Enix launches mysterious “Nier” 10th anniversary website

Square Enix has launched a special NieR 10th anniversary website. There isn’t much to it at the moment, as currently the site features a 10th anniversary logo adorned with Emil’s grinning face, a link to the Square Enix Store, and an audio track featuring the NieR theme. The original NieR (aka NieR Gestalt) released in April 2010 for PS3 and

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Nier Automata sales top 3 million copies worldwide

On Wednesday, Square Enix announced via Twitter that NieR: Automata has sold 3 million copies worldwide, including both physical and digital sales. While those aren’t ground-breaking numbers, they have to be encouraging to Square Enix as the original NieR (aka NieR: Gestalt in some territories) sold for a combined total of less than a million copies on PS3 and Xbox

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