The growing Cosplay scene at Too Many Games (updated)

This was my fourth year attending the Too Many Games convention in Phoenixville, PA, and it’s seen quite a bit of growth over the years. One of the more noticeable changes is the increased number of attendees sporting cosplay from their favorite characters and games. So much so, in fact, that I thought it worthwhile to post a small gallery of just some of them here.

Take a gander! (No Deadpools – I promise!)

American McGee_Alice_cosplay_too many games_the splintering

American McGee’s Alice is best Alice

Game Boy Color_cosplay_too many games_the splintering

These are surely the most striking visuals ever produced by the Game Boy Color

Zelda_princess_breath of the wild_cosplay_too many games_the splintering

Tons of effort went into the details of this Princess Zelda cosplay from Breath of the Wild. The “Silent Princess” flowers are a great touch!

Snake cosplay_Too Many Games_the splintering

The ladder is a great touch and really sells this one. (Cosplay by Forgotten Legends Cosplay)

Claire Redfield_Resident Evil_Cosplay_too many games_the splintering

“You were almost a Jill sandwich!” said an annoying noob passing by.

Pearl_Splatoon_cosplay_the splintering

There were several Splatoon-inspired cosplays this year, but this one was my personal favorite. (Cosplay by Cu.Meme)

Nier Automata__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

“Glory to mankind!” Nier Automata was well-represented at Too Many Games

Metroid_space pirate__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

Killer pixel art space pirate from Nintendo’s Metroid. (Cosplay by Dan Cattell Art)

Let It Die__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

Let it Die in style! Even the glasses animated. This was fucking awesome.

Michael Jackson__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

It’s great when the little ones get in on the act, too, like this moonwalking Queen of Pop sporting her best Michael Jackson

Cammy White_Street Fighter__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

Is it possible to get too much of Street Fighter’s Cammy, cosplay or otherwise? No. No it isn’t.

Kazuma Kiryu_Yakuza__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

Probably my favorite from the show: Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series showing off his karaoke talents

Dark Helmet_Spaceballs__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

“Now that I’ve had my coffee, I’m ready to go play some arcade games!”

Alucard__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

Fun fact: It was years before someone told me that Alucard was acutally “Dracula” spelled backwards. Nonetheless… “I’m interested in this.”

Morrigan__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

The succubus Morrigan Aensland from Capcom’s Darkstalkers series – and she owns it!

Kingdom Hearts Mickey Mouse__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

Dark Mickey Mouse sporting a Kingdom Hearts keyblade

Spiderman__cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

We’ve all come upon a Spider-Man or two, but this was the first “Iron Spider” from Infinity War that I’ve seen seen

Daisy_cosplay_the Splintering_too many games

Daisy has been genetically spliced! (Cosplay by Madame Kurie Cosplay)

The effort and imagination that goes into some of these cosplay outfits is clearly evident. Here’s hoping for more next year!

(*Note: The first three images were inadvertently deleted when this post initially ran. The updated post restored them)


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