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E3 2019: Devolver Digital’s Nina Struthers returns for company’s first “Devolver Direct”

When other E3 presentations bore you to tears and the hollow platitudes and corporate speak of other game companies pushes your head to the brink of exploding, the delightfully bizarre E3 offerings from game publisher Devolver Digital come to the rescue just in time. At E3 2019, Devolver did not disappoint. Ripping off the Nintendo Direct format, Devolver also used

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“Demonetize THIS, bitches” Nina Struthers returns to promote “Weedcraft Inc”

Over the weekend, right smack dab between Good Friday and Easter was 4/20, an unofficial “holiday” of sorts for those who live the “high” life. To mark the occasion, game publisher Devolver Digital released a new trailer advertising Weedcraft Inc, Devolver’s business tycoon game where players try to become the billionaire of bud. However, the trailer’s main attraction for many

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E3 Wrap-Up: Devolver Digital’s press conference is a breath of fresh air

The first rule of marketing is focus on your audience. Know your buyer, and direct your marketing towards those you expect will buy your product. Simple, right? So why did only one presentation at E3 2018 seem to take this creed to heart? Nearly every presentation and press conference at E3 2018 was bogged down by focus tested language and

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