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Top TEN Helicopter Video Game Bosses (Attack Helicopter Week Special)

Welcome back to Attack Helicopter Week here at The Splintering. Today were reaching back into the retro gaming vault to discuss the Top Ten best helicopter boss battles. Without further ado, let’s get started! 10. Rambo (NES) Rambo for the Nintendo Entertainment System isn’t a great game. The titular hero seems to spend far more time killing bees and tigers

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SEGA’s “Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder” finally coming home thanks to Arcade1up

Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Arcade1up announced that a Golden Axe themed arcade unit will be part of their 2020 releases. This machine includes several of SEGA’s “Team Shinobi”-developed arcade classics such as Golden Axe (duh), Shinobi (double-duh), Altered Beast, Wrestle Wars and Golden Axe: Revenge of the Death Adder. **rEcOrD sCrAtCh** You read that last one right.

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“Shinobi” joins the SEGA Ages line on Nintendo Switch; launch trailer released

SEGA has released their arcade classic Shinobi as part of their SEGA Ages line on the Nintendo Switch, which you can pick up on the Japanese eShop for ¥999 (that’s about $9). SEGA has also released a launch trailer for SEGA Ages Shinobi which highlights some of the game’s extra features. These include an “Ages Mode” which allows you to play

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