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Issue 2 of Sci-Fi Anthology “Speed of Light” Now on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Evoluzione Publishing recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for the second issue of Speed of Light, a 72-page sci-fi comic anthology magazine featuring stories from multiple creators and black and white artwork. Here’s the brief pitch taken from the Speed of Light Indiegogo campaign page: Speed of Light is a brand new bi monthly sci-fi anthology. Each issue will have nine,

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Evoluzione’s Sci-Fi Anthology “Speed of Light” Races onto Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Earlier this week, Evoluzione Publishing launched a crowdfunding campaign for Speed of Light issue 1, the first of what is planned to be an ongoing, bi-monthly, science fiction anthology series. Each issue of Speed of Light will feature nine 8-page stories (that’s a total of 72 pages for you maths wizards out there), all with black and white art. Each

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