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Comic Review: “Stoker & Wells” (Festival of Dread Special)

Welcome back to the Festival of Dread, The Splintering’s month-long celebration of all things batty and blood-sucking. Today we’re going to look at Stoker & Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn, an alternate history of Victorian Era England with some fantastic and horrific twists. Some story spoilers will follow. Written by Steven Peros and illustrated by Barry Orkin, Stoker & Wells was successfully funded

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Billy Tucci’s “Shi: Sakura” Now Assassinating Wallets on Indiegogo

On Wednesday, renowned comic book creator, Crusade Comics founder and “teen sensation” Billy Tucci launched a crowdfunding campaign for Shi: Sakura, a 56-page graphic novel featuring the original “bad girl” of 90s comics. The campaign is already a remarkable success, having raised more than $80 thousand at the time of this writing. Reuniting the creative team of Tucci, writer Steven

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Give the Gift of “Stoker & Wells” for Christmas

Successfully crowdfunded in 2019, Stoker & Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn follows the time-traveling adventures of literary visionaries Bram Stoker and H. G. Wells that is kinda-sorta based on actual events. Now, the Stoker & Wells creators have set up an Indiegogo page with the express intention of using it as an in-demand storefront, as the books are already

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