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The Indiegogo campaign for sexy new comic “Little Girl Lethal” extended for 30 days

On Thursday, Little Girl Lethal creator “Slick Jimmy” announced that the Indiegogo campaign for his comic book series featuring sexy new heroine Sugar Lightspeed would be extended by another thirty days. So if you’re just now learning about the project or the initial campaign deadline slipped your mind, you’ve got another month to ogle Miss Lightspeed before choosing to commit.

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Sexy new comic “Little Girl Lethal” starring Sugar Lightspeed launches on Indiegogo

Early on Wednesday, the crowdfunding campaign for new comic book series Little Girl Lethal went live on Indiegogo. Inspired by hard-boiled science fiction tales of Blade Runner, Akira and Sin City, Little Girl Lethal is the brainchild of one “Slick Jimmy,” an anonymous Utah resident who has been tinkering away at the project for roughly two decades. Joining Slick Jimmy

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